Monday, 16 July 2012

Edge Authors meet Hounslow Library Summer Reading Challenge Team at Paul Robeson Theatre

On Saturday afternoon, four Edge authors joined the Summer Reading Team based at Hounslow Library for an event at nearby Paul Robeson Theatre. Throughout the summer, the group, led by librarians Rachel and Navi, will be working with young readers in libraries across West London as part of The Reading Agency Summer Reading Challenge.

Organised by The Reading Agency and the UK public library network since 1999, the Summer Reading Challenge is the UK's biggest annual reading promotion for four to eleven year olds and last year 780,000 children took part (43% of which were boys).

Research shows that reading for pleasure is central for children's life chances, * yet children in England do not read as independently or enjoy reading as much as their international peers.**

Here are a few highlights from the day …

Louis, Rachel, Niki, Navi, Abigail, Sarah, Miriam, Monica,
Sara, Dalia, Anika and Zab.

The Edge make their first appearance in a theatre!

The group made their own graffiti wall
with some (really) tough questions!

Edge authors Sara Grant, Bryony Pearce, Dave Cousins and Miriam Halahmy

Another first for the Edge – an audience of guinea pigs – literally!
Introducing Snow White and Rapunzel.

A huge thanks to Rachel and the team at Hounslow Library for a great event and for making us so welcome. Wishing them all the best for the Summer Reading Challenge.

Don't forget, if you'd like to get involved in the Summer Reading Challenge, visit your local library or the Story Lab website here.

* Reading for Change, OECD, 2002
** Progress in International Literacy Study (PIRLS), 2006

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  1. Although this was a small group there was such a genuine interest in books and writing from these young people. I really enjoyed the afternoon and loved the theatre space. Hope to do more with this organisation in the future.