Friday, 20 July 2012

How Book Blogging Changed My Life by Guest Blogger Beth Cohen

This week we welcome guest blogger Beth Cohen to the Edge. Beth started her "tween-teen book blog" Page-Turner in 2011 and posts regular book reviews, news and interviews. Find out below how blogging has changed Beth's life …

Book blogging changed how I saw authors, how I saw books and most importantly, what a community really was.

Blogging has given me a huge sense of responsibility, and it has made me truly realise – if you give up on something it will never work. I was disappointed when I didn’t immediately start getting loads of author interviews and ARC’s, but I soon realised that is not what blogging is about.

When I first started book blogging, almost a year ago, I was really frightened at the idea of putting my own thoughts live onto the internet. For a short space of time between the 25th of July until around the middle of August, I didn’t really post properly. However, I started looking at the amazing book blogs out there and really wanted to create something special like that. So, could I have made my blog all on my own? No, definitely not! I really wanted to make a blog to share my thoughts and it was how amazing all of the other blogs were that made me want to do something like that. Now, blogging has really turned into a part in my life and has made me LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading even more. (I have an addiction!!) 

Before I started blogging, I used to give up on a book easily when I didn’t like it, but now I hardly ever give up on books. I never even dreamt I could ever get in contact with an author, but when I started blogging I quickly realised just how awesome and kind authors and bloggers are; they have made my blog what it is today.

There is a wide age-range of book bloggers out there, but whatever the age difference, there is always something in common: a love for reading, and a love for blogging which will tie us all together and create the community that we have. I am so proud to be a book blogger and am honoured to be part of the community. I’ve learnt so much and am so grateful to all my fellow bloggers and the authors who have kindly taught me throughout the length of time my blog has been set up. I have made a lot of friends through the blogosphere and I hope I will stay friends with them forever.

I want to keep on blogging for years and years and years. I’m so thankful that blogging will have always been apart of me, and the experience has been amazing.

If you love to read, and love to share your thoughts on books, and are thinking about doing a book blog. I really, really encourage you to do so. If I had completely given up between that short space of time, I would have not started blogging properly, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it! I was scared about not being accepted when I started book blogging, but authors, publishers and fellow bloggers are so welcoming and kind, and were so amazing to me when I first started blogging.

So, fast forward almost exactly a year since I started blogging on the 25th of July, and book blogging has become a huge part in my life.

And it has also changed it.

Thanks to Beth for guesting here at the Edge. Keep up the good work at Page-Turner.


  1. Thanks for blogging on the EDGE, Beth! Your enthusiasm for blogging and books is contagious! I agree about sticking with a book. I always try to focus on what there is to admire about a book. No book is perfect but there are usually some magical moments in every book. Congrats on your blog-versary! Wishing you many more happy years of blogging and reading!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us, Beth. I'm constantly in awe of book bloggers and their commitment to reading and blogging. Happy blogaversary and here's to the next year!

  3. Thanks for your great post, Beth. You do such a good job of sharing your love of books and thoughtful opinions. I'm glad that you've found it so enjoyable and rewarding.

  4. Thank you so much for letting me guest-post here at The Edge!! :) I hope the guest-post was OK! :)
    Thank you so much!!,
    Beth xx