Monday, 18 July 2016

Publication day: Stories from the Edge

The Edge is proud to announce that our anthology of eight short stories, Stories from the Edge, written by eight award-winning UK YA authors with the aim of entertaining, enticing and educating, is now available to buy from Amazon, Albury books, or Browns Books for Students.

We wanted our anthology to be both something that teens can dip in and out of for fun, as well as something that could be used as an educational tool in the classroom. Therefore, alongside our stories, which cover issues such as internet safety, bereavement, terrorism, racism and drug taking, we have produced teaching notes (including discussion points and facts), which are available to download for free.

Stories from The Edge isn't afraid to ask some big questions. Sometimes frightening, often funny, always brutally honest, these stories will take you to where the shadows are darkest and the ground drops away. The question is, are you prepared to look over the edge?

For more information on each story, do follow our blog tour. In our first one, on July 19th, Bryony Pearce tells YA Yeah Yeah exactly why she chose to write about Internet safety.

We hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Do contact us if you would like more information.
The Edge.

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