Friday, 23 January 2015

We love UKYA Book Bloggers!

If you’re reading this, chances are
a) You like books
b) You like reading blogs

So you might be interested in the inaugural UKYA Bloggers Awards! 

Here on The Edge we LOVE book bloggers, and here are some of the reasons why:

“In the current climate where print newspapers are cutting back on, or completely ignoring children's book reviews, it's very difficult to let potential readers know about a book. It's especially hard for debut writers to get noticed (unless they happen to be a celebrity already if course!). Readers would miss out on so many great books if it wasn't for the blogging community and all the love and effort they put into reading these books, then writing and talking about them. Bloggers, we salute you!” – Dave Cousins

“Book bloggers amaze me with their dedication and stamina for reading. They have also proved to be very loyal and in relation to my own Y.A. novels, have provided me with opportunities to communicate with an audience, and also some very important review quotes. Long may they blog!” – Miriam Halahmy

“We're so lucky to have such a great blogging community in the UK, especially as they've taken up the cause of #UKYA with such enthusiasm and energy. It's increasingly difficult to get review space in newspapers for any books, let alone YA books, and bloggers fill that gap, with their thoughtful and considered reviews.”  – Keren David

“Bloggers are great because they champion reading and prove that the love of literature and enthusiasm for what authors are doing endures!”-  Bryony Pearce 

In this day and age book bloggers are a vital, and incredibly valuable part of the book world, and I personally am so grateful to all the bloggers who took part in and helped me organize my blog-tours for both Someone Else’s Life and Little White Lies, and for the countless others who took the time to read and review them. As a debut author, I had little or no idea how to tell people about my upcoming book, found it all a bit daunting and awkward, and had no idea how to create a blogtour, so I contacted over 20 bloggers, hoping that just a few might be able and willing to take part. But without fail, every blogger I contacted not only said yes, but replied with such enthusiasm and helpfulness that I ended up including them all in the blogtour, which consequently became much bigger than I initially planned! And I always love visiting book bloggers' sites because without fail I will discover a new and exciting book to add to my TBR pile!

Each blog, and each blogger is different, with unique voices and niches and perspectives, but what unites them is a pure love for books, and for sharing this passion with other readers, and this shines through on every blogger’s website.

And the fact that they do all of this for free, in their own spare time, between exams/jobs/sleep is just incredible. They are quite simply awesome. 

In recognition of this awesomeness, the lovely Andy Robb decided it was about time bloggers themselves were given awards. And so the UKYA Bloggers Awards was born. The 33 nominees were voted for by publishers and authors, and there will be an awards ceremony with a superb range of prizes, sponsored by publishers; trophies, sponsored by a marketing company; and authors, publishers and the press will come together to celebrate the stars of the night: the bloggers. 

As is so often the case, great minds think alike, and Faye at has also launched awards for Book Bloggers – The UKYA Book Bloggers Awards! This time, anyone can get involved in the nominations, which include categories such as Best Newcomer, Best Oldtimer (3 years+), Best Teen Blogger, Most Passionate Blogger, Best Booktuber and Prettiest Blog. If you’d like to nominate your favourite blogger, click here – but hurry! Nominations close on 26th January! The shortlist and next stage of voting will open on 1st February.

Good luck to all the fantastic bloggers! In my book, you all deserve an award.


  1. Big thumbs up from me for this post! Always nice to hear that what we do means something to authors :)

  2. It truly means so much to us, Michelle. You guys rock!

  3. Great post -will make sure Twitter and Facebook ring with all the good news about our lovely book bloggers.

  4. Ditto! Writers and bloggers share a deep passion for books. As a reader, I love learning more about authors and books from bloggers. As an author, I've so appreciated their interest in my books and their thoughtful and fun questions and guest blog requests. They've built and maintain an incredible online community for book lovers! Sending a huge thanks to bloggers!

  5. Oh I agree! Book bloggers are amazing, and not just because they are enthusiastic and passionate about books. Book bloggers are essential now that mainstream media and press don't review as many books, particularly those of debut authors and children's authors. People look to bloggers for their reviews and their book updates.

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  7. YA Book bloggers do such a fantastic job of sharing their love of books. I'm delighted that these two awards for UKYA Bloggers will show how much writers and readers appreciate them . Paula Rawsthorne